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Most people avoid research

Because they’re too scared to hear the answers.

How we research

The value of observing and understanding your customers and their behaviour is priceless. User research is critical for good design, but it doesn't need to be a long or expensive process.

We help you to understand your customers by using qualitative and quantitative research to map their needs. Customer research is fast and efficient, and can help you turn prospective audiences into happy and loyal customers.

We employ multiple research methods and platforms to provide you with thorough, complete and insightful data. The following are just a few of the methods we use to research the audience.

Expert Review

One of our fastest and most effective research methods, an expert review is an excellent state-of-play analysis for any current design, regardless of the digital channel or platform. This kind of research can help you to understand what's working, where the design is failing, and where the opportunities for improvement are. It can stretch to include numerous elements or simply cover a basic checklist - the choice is yours.


Competitive Review

Ever wondered how your design stands up to others? Our competitive reviews research and measure performance against similar interfaces, and reveal how well your design is performing in a number of significant areas (including usability, accessibility, content coverage, SEO and SEM). This can include competitors in the same sector as well as non-direct but best-in-breed examples.



Personas solve the age-old problem of the Internet - designing for everyone. We research how your audience differs in their needs for both design and functionality to ensure you are able to target all demographics equally.



One of the easiest ways to complete customer research or to gain insight into online performance is with a survey. We help you to design and launch a survey that is specifically catered to your customer research needs, which can plug straight into your own website.

Workshops & Groups

We run research groups and sessions with key stakeholders, both inside and out of the organisation. These sessions can help to identify what's working or not working, potential functionality or options for future growth.


Analytics & Conversion Optimisation

Design without research is largely guess work. This is where analytics come in. Tools such as Google Analytics provide a mountain of information about what is happening on your site, and allow you to truly understand what's going on.