A few years ago we, the directors of the Fore, had a life changing year that brought our approach to business into sharp focus. We decided then that our passion projects would rule - and had to make the world a better place. We decided we would exclude any clients or projects we felt worked against that. And we will go out of our way to work with the clients who believe the same way, that the world needs to be improved for those who need our help most. So, here’s our focus, as a company.


Save the planet

If we don’t change our approach to our world, our world will no longer support us.

We loved working with ReturnandEarn on recycling, and welcome all projects that aim to turn around the damage we’re doing to our planet. We want our kids to inherit an easier to use and healthy planet, as do we all.

We’re always looking to work more in this space.


save the people

We love working in the health, aged-care and disability sectors, because that’s where people need the most support.

We’ve worked with the Health Department of Australia, Healthdirect, the NDIS, aged care providers, health app startups, disability service providers and health teams of all kinds, on topics from mental wellbeing to cancer and dementia. We regularly research in this space and love the work we do.


save the animals

We’re animal lovers through and through, one of us currently works part time at a zoo.

We worked with the Atlas of Living Australia on citizen science reporting and flora and fauna census data. We’re always looking to engage with projects that help improve the lives of our wildlife and our pets, whether that’s for fun, health, protection, study or treatment. Especially if puppies are involved.

We’ve seen too much hate in the world, and we want to make the world better - even if just a little.

All the employees of the Fore have been personally affected by the tragedy in New Zealand and this latest atrocity. We’ve all seen the hatred, the selfishness and the fear that has driven so many people to make so many bad choices, in word, deed and thought. We can’t end it, we can’t fix it - but we can make sure we don’t perpetuate it. We stand with those who respond to fear and hatred with compassion and forgiveness. And we hope you stand with us.