Design is about flow and movement as much as aesthetics

We can’t count the number of times we’ve seen a design that looks great, but just doesn’t work. Start flowing through it or (better yet) testing it with customers, and you see the breaks and the issues.

And just as often we see designs that are an explosion of the cool and the clever - at the expense of simple ease of use. Whilst designers want their designs to stand out, customers often want those designs to be invisible; getting out of their way so they can interact and complete their goals.

Our approach to design is to base everything on the user journey and the user flow. We have a solid methodology to ensure that fits.

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Whilst we’re flexible with our approach to design we believe the Devil is in the detail - miss the detail and your design won’t always work.

So we deliver work that travels past the visual and into the interaction. We show how elements work, as well as why they are present. We can do that in Adobe and Axure, in Wireframes and Prototypes. You decide the How, we’ll deliver the Detail.

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Ever had problems matching up your Requirements document with the Visual Designs delivered at the end of the project?

There are simple ways to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our UX Methodology allows you to connect the dots on an ongoing basis, through your research and customer journeys into the Information Architecture, the structure and visual designs and beyond.

You can’t afford to rebuild it - so you need to get it right.

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Design without insight is like a car without a driver (even driverless cars have an AI driver!) So we focus on who’s using it and what for, in order to design it right.

We can work from our own research or from the research of others, from qualitative or quantitative feedback, from SEO analysis or from insights already within your team. But wherever the knowledge comes from, we ensure it’s codified in the design.

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You don’t want to outsource your brain - most companies want their internal team designing and building in the right way, every time. Say hello to DesignOps.

DesignOps is a framework for ensuring your team can produce good, consistent and scalable design work over time. It’s a set of approaches you need to undertake internally.

But that doesn’t mean you’re on your own - we can help.


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