Workshops & groups

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We run groups with key stakeholders, both inside and outside of the organisation, to understand what we need to understand. Sometimes that's getting a handle on what's working and not working today, other times it may be identifying the potential functionality and options for future growth. Stakeholders can be users, customers, prospects, partners, internal teams or suppliers.

We recommend a minimum of 2 workshops for most research, each focusing on a unique user segment (if required). More workshops may be needed for wider coverage, such as:

  • First Time Buyers / Existing customers / Prospects
  • Consumers / Small business / Larger business
  • Younger audience / Older audience

We normally recruit between 6 and 8 participants per workshop, in our experience this is an ideal number for promoting discussion without overloading the group. Our participants are professionally recruited by a third-party specialist company, to avoid any questions of bias. Locations for groups can be anywhere throughout the country - from central CBD areas to suburbs and regional locations. We often run research where the groups are geographically split, to provide a wider coverage of need.

Every workshop is different, it really depends on what we need to learn. As a guide we generally cover initial modelling of need and user requirements for the subject matter, review the existing Information Architecture or design against these requirements with participants (top down review) and will capture any additional requirements or concerns that arise. Where possible we map the trust points likely to aid with overall success.

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