Wollongong / Illawarra user testing

Seeing tests with your own eyes is the only way to go.

We offer:

  • Viewing room, with full view of test screen, participant and room audio

  • Desktop, mobile and tablet testing

  • Remote testing and recording, across Australia

  • Full session recording

  • Group and workshop sessions, with whiteboarding and recording


Who we test

We ensure the people we recruit and research are the people you're looking for. We create profiles of your audience and create research screener questionnaires that match the best people to the right project. That can be consumers, small business, farmers, tradies, patients or doctors. We are able to recruit in most sectors within the Illawarra.


How we test

Sit in our observation room and relax, whilst you see the participant’s screen in detail - mobile interface too.

Watch their reactions, see what they do, hear what they say - without interfering with the test at all.


Work whilst you watch

You can relax, or work, whilst we test. Up to 10 observers at a time can fit comfortably in our observation room - so bring the team, if you need to.

And we’re not stuck in the lab…

We take our recording equipment and lab with us, which means we can book other regional locations that work for the participants. This means we can conduct research in hotels, businesses, halls or even homes, that captures video and/or audio with no loss of data or quality. We’ve even tested with surfers on the beach - something Wollongong has plenty of.

We use our FlexUX platform to record findings, meaning that your team can view findings instantly, no matter how far away we are from your team. Recordings are placed online after sessions are complete, allowing you to see all findings, questions and responses instantly.


Want us to cost and run a regional user test? Just contact us.