UX Services

We are a User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) provider. Whatever your need we can help. Primarily our services fall into five core areas:

UX Research

We help you to research your users, customers, partners and employees. We provide services that research the market and the audience to understand them, map their needs and turn prospective audiences into known customers. Whatever you need to understand, we can help.

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UX Design

We help you to design engaging and usable products. We provide UX wireframing, modeling and prototyping of digital and physical interfaces, ready for testing or for instant use. Whatever you need to design, we can help.

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UX Testing

We help you to user test and improve your products. We provide the fastest turnaround and strongest audit trail within a thorough and efficient user testing service. We help you test live, prototype and even theoretical designs of all kinds. Whatever you need to test, we can help.

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UX Build

We help you to deliver better experiences by building the front-end HTML/CSS code as part of the UX design process. We help you to avoid the transcription and conversion errors that often creep into interfaces by building the front-end as we go. Whatever you need to build, we can help.

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UX Advocacy & training

We help you to transform your business and to build good UX into everything you do. We provide workshops, training and awareness sessions to help your organisation pivot towards an innovative and customer-centric approach to the world. Whatever your current state of internal UX awareness, we can help.

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