CX/UX Research

It pays to listen to your customers.

We help you to research your users, customers, partners and employees. We provide services that research the market and the audience to understand them, map their needs and turn prospective audiences into known customers. Whatever you need to understand, we can help.

The following are just a few of the methods we use to research the audience - every project has a different need and a different approach.

Expert Review

One of the fastest and most effective way to measure current performance is with an expert review. This is an excellent state-of-play analysis for any current design, regardless of the digital channel or platform. This tells you what's working, where the design is failing, where the opportunities and low hanging fruit are sitting. It can stretch to include numerous elements or simply cover a basic checklist - the choice is yours.


Competitive Review

Similar to expert reviews, competitive reviews include an important aspect of opportunity. They measure performance against competing interfaces, and tell you how well you are doing in a range of areas (including usability, accessibility, content coverage, SEO, SEM and various other areas). This can include competitors in the same sector as well as non-direct but best-in-breed examples.



Personas solve the age-old problem of the Internet - designing for everyone. Your audience is not all the same, and you won't be able to design for them unless you understand how they differ. Equally you can't design for each and every audience member either - and that's where personas come in.



One of the easiest ways to gather insight into online performance (or to research audience overall) is with a survey. We help you to design and launch a survey that you can easily plug into your own website, currently we use Survey Monkey as our preferred tool but can easily utilise others if required.


Workshops & Groups

We run groups with key stakeholders, both inside and outside of the organisation, to understand what we need to understand. Sometimes that's getting a handle on what's working and not working today, other times it may be identifying the potential functionality and options for future growth. Stakeholders can be users, customers, prospects, partners, internal teams or suppliers.


Analytics & Conversion Optimisation

Before optimisation can take place, you need to know what’s happening. If you don’t know what’s happening, you have just as much chance of making things worse when you change anything on the site. That’s where analytics comes in. Tools such as Google Analytics provide a mountain of information about what’s happening on your site. Other tools (such as site search reports) provide even more information – and that information tells you what’s working, and what needs to change.