CX/UX Design

We help you to design engaging and usable products. We provide UX wireframing, modeling and prototyping of digital and physical interfaces, ready for testing or for instant use. Whatever you need to design, we can help.

The following are just a few of the design services we offer - every project requires a different approach.


Innovation & design

Sometimes it's hard to change direction, it can be even harder to turn everyday business into an innovation camp. We know this. We have an innovation process that helps your team to look at your business from different angles and to begin generating innovative approaches to success. It starts with some background on your business and is followed up by one or several innovation workshops. This creates channels of innovation that we can support with product prototypes - both digital and physical - and consumer/audience testing

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the order, grouping and labelling used to structure the pages of the website – the filing system that users engage with to find all content. An Information Architecture review phase creates an improved version of this filing system, to be applied to your site internally (usually via changes to the CMS).



The cost of changing software once it's launched can be up to 200 times the cost of making changes at the start of the process. That's the reasons prototypes exist. Where it can take weeks or months to build and then test functionality in real environments, prototypes can be created in hours, sometimes even minutes - the savings are astronomical.



Wireframing is the next process on from prototyping. Once a design has been created, it is important to communicate the design so that everyone can see how it should work. Simple images aren't enough to convey this, wireframes include notes on content, functionality, behaviour and supported controls. This is particularly important for responsive interfaces and designs supported across tablets/phones.


Creative Layer

Good User Experience requires great creative styling, as well as great design. We provide in-house and partnered services, depending on the project and the need. Our approach is simple – listen to our clients, understand their business and answer their needs using the power of brand design and visual communication.



Specifications are the next step on from wireframes. They include the wireframe image, but also include everything you need to know in order to build it. They are the instruction manuals for interface development. Our specifications are based on a straightforward yet powerful layout that includes a notated image and a table of labels, behaviour, content and functionality.