UX Advocacy & Training

Having a culture of UX and an embedded approach to innovation can turn an under-performing business into an industry leader. Part of our service range is to help you do that. 

UX Advocacy

We can help your organisation to grow a culture that is focused on customer and user experience. We do this by:

  • Awareness workshops (raising overall awareness of the field and the process)
  • Scoping tools (helping teams to embed UX steps into their existing projects)
  • Persona and asset creation (starting to document existing personas to kick-start UX design)
  • Embedded advocacy (helping to grow UX expertise within your team and support UX experts already in place)
  • Internal training (spreading further expertise and skills through the organisation)

We can assist with advocacy at any level, from National projects to smaller teams. Our advocacy programs are completely tailored to your need. Just contact us and we'll work out how we can help.

UX Training

We offer several custom training courses to customers and to internal teams. Whilst we don't offer public courses, we can run smaller scale training for teams.

All training courses are tailored to your need, courses currently cover subjects such as:

  • UX process, UX awareness
  • Axure: the prototyping basics
  • UX research: how to moderate

We can assist with specific training packages if required. Just contact us and we'll work out how we can help.