User testing - the new wonder-drug!

Well, not quite. We’ve been asking people what they think since the dawn of time. It’s the only way to know for sure. How well is your product working for your customers? Do you know? How many leave without telling you?

We have more than two decades of experience running user testing on everything from remote controls and washing machines through to virtual reality apps and websites of every kind.

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User testing needs a professional approach, and ‘attending a course’ doesn’t get you there. We provide a full service approach that includes meeting with you to confirm requirements, professionally recruiting (via independent 3rd party recruiters) and using full usability labs in major city locations.

We then provide two consultants per day, one to log the findings and one to facilitate with the participants. Everything is auditable, tracked and logged, both in video form and within our ResearchOps platform, FlexUX.

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Since day one there have been two questions our customers almost always ask. “How much?”, and ‘How soon?”. We’re cost effective, but we’ve also found ways to be faster than most.

We use a ResearchOps platform that allows us to capture more data more accurately during every user test.

But most importantly it allows us to provide you with an in-depth and auditable report within one business day of completion of the user testing.

We can test anywhere, any time, with anyone you need us to test. And you’ll get better results, faster, with us.

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User testing for people who need it

We started the Fore with a passion for ensuring technology makes the lives of users better - not more complicated. It shouldn't alienate or leave people behind.

Our core areas of focus are across the disability, health and aged care sectors. We've worked with aged care providers including Uniting (NSW and Victoria), Just Better Care and Catholic Care. We've worked with the Australian Government via Healthdirect Australia and the Health Department to research both older people and their families and carers. We’ve also worked with the NDIS and accessibility providers.

We can't provide care to people who need it - but we can make their lives just a little better by making technology and services just a little easier to access. That's why this is a key focus for our company.

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User testing - like the people we test - comes in every shape and colour. That’s why we offer a completely flexible methodology to testing.

We can user test in our professional labs with one-way mirrors and cameras, but we also provide a field user test option that can be used to test in offices, homes, workplaces, shops or the field (we’ve even tested surfers on the beach). That flexibility extends to the approach we use, the people we test, the materials and the platforms we apply. If you need it tested, we can help.

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Have you ever seen user test results that suggest changes but miss all the detail? Yep, us too.

That’s why we provide you with all the detail, including:

  • Videos and/or audio tracks of sessions

  • All issues and problems encountered - with solutions for each

  • All questions asked and responses given

  • Task times, completions and charts

  • Events and behaviours you want to track

  • Full traceability via referencing and linking

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Do all of your customers live in the city? Probably not.

The Fore is based in Wollongong, in the Illawarra region of NSW. We work frequently with companies based in Sydney and regularly user test throughout Sydney. As a company, we have a strong focus on providing excellent customer and user experience for everyone. That means running research throughout regional areas.

We charge a simple flat rate for locations across regional NSW and Australia. As regional facility costs are far lower than city facilities this often works out very cost effectively.

So you can find us in Dubbo, Orange, Nowra and Newcastle.


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