User testing

How well is your product working for your customers? Do you know? It's easy to find out.

User tests involve a single person being asked to use your website, app, software or product. We provide them with a realistic scenario and then sit with them whilst they use it. You get to sit in a comfortable viewing room and observe - through the one-way mirror, but also viewing their screen and mobile screen up close.

But observing the user is only part of the story - analysing what you see is absolutely key.

That's why we designed a software system that allows us to:

  • Record all questions asked and responses given.
  • Record averages and scorings, for customer ratings.
  • Record task times, completion rates and average times.
  • Record events or behaviours that you want to track.
  • Record every UX issue that occurs, the times and references for each, their priority and category and solution.
  • Provide live viewing of all this data during and after tests in an online dashboard.

We meet with your team to define your goals for testing and how the testing should take place. We'll also define where you want to test and to what timeframe.

We then professionally manage the recruitment (if you need us to) and develop a test script to meet your objectives. We will manage the testing process completely, and whilst it is not essential to our process we highly recommend that some of your team view the sessions as they take place. We use our Flex UX software to record the entire process.

Once testing is complete we collect and compile the results, and then analyses them to produce the findings. A full report is created, and we will present this back to your team during a half-day results analysis meeting.

We can provide an example output report and access to our online dashboard, on request.