The double-blind leading the double-blind?

There is a basic concept behind all research we run, in digital world - we aim to understand the customer / user, and use that understanding to build better interfaces and experiences for them. We want to know what they experience, so we can improve it. And we try hard not to skew or bias our research, with the double-blind being the gold standard of our toolbox.

But what if what they experience, isn’t actually real? And what if we, in observing and experiencing what we believe they experience, isn’t real either?

I know, it makes your head hurt.

Take a look at NewScientist this week - a truly interesting take on how reality itself, may not be what we think it is - with some very interesting potential interpretations for what we do. In particular, I loved this quote:

“A measurement does not, as the term unfortunately suggests, reveal a pre-existing state of affairs. It is an action on the world by an agent that results in the creation of an outcome - a new experience for that agent. ‘Intervention’ might be a better term.“ (Christopher Fuchs, David Mermin and Rüdiger Schack, copyright

We are all agents, intervening and impacting when we intend to merely observe and learn.

What a world, what a world….

Gary BunkerComment