Welcome to 2016

I don't mind saying that 2015 was a strange year.

We saw some great new customers and some awesome projects, but we also said goodbye to some friends and some team members. We saw customers have huge success, and others struggle with digital disruption and transformation. On a company level we welcomed new life into the world, but also lost a close family member. The circle of life turned, as it always does.

So what does 2016 have in store for us?

As always it's hard to tell, so rather than a list of predictions, here are our company wide New Years Resolutions. At the end of the year we'll come back and see how we've done.

1. Launch our platform

We've been planning our new UX platform for years now, and it's finally the year we get it launched. No info just yet, but stay tuned. In future all of our output will be available to our customers on this platform.

2. Simplify, simplify, simplify

We've been doing this for the past year and I fully continue to keep doing it. Simple approaches. Simple pricing. Simple ways of working, simple deliverables. More simplicity I say, MORE!

3. More work life balance

Speaking of more; I launched the Fore with the full intention of keeping a great work-life balance. Unfortunately that's been hard to keep on track as we've grown in popularity, and this year was a personal low for me. I missed birthdays, I worked weekends and many nights. Despite best intentions the life grew smaller as the work grew bigger. This year we're going to ensure that this comes back into balance - because, simply, life is too short. We'll always do our best to make sure your project is delivered super fast, but this year we'll also make sure that weekends and evenings aren't involved. 

4. New format deliverables

We listen to our customers and as part of the new platform we're going to be radically redesigning how we deliver insight and intelligence from research and tests. Result formats are going to change - stay tuned.

5. Grow a little

This is also the year that we grow to a new location. Again no spoilers just yet, but stay tuned.


So, what are your plans for 2016?

Gary BunkerComment