Is it a new Years day?

Sometimes we fix the big problems in life.

Sometimes though,  it's the little things. Today it's a teeny tiny thing, but it's been bugging me for a while.

For years now, I've watched people selecting dates from date pickers of all kinds - and I've had this nagging feeling that something was a little wrong. Recently, whilst testing for a client, I realized exactly what it was. It was the year selection!

Once I'd realized this I started watching more closely. Sure enough I'd see someone select the date relatively easily, the month really easily, and then when it comes to the year I watched them scroll down, miss it, scroll up, then find it. It's the matter of a few seconds, but it was definitely there.

My own behavior, and something I see mirrored in many others, is to click into the scroll zone and 'page down' a chunk. That works well with dates as there is a smaller window, it's not required with months (usually) but with years you need to click several times, and you often overdo it. The behavior 'bounces' around a bit until the user zeros in on the right year.

So in a fit of madness I've designed up two potential design solutions, for consideration. I'd really welcome any input from the UX and design communities in terms of whether these might work - let me know. Feedback left on the blog or sent directly to me would be great.

To see the designs just look at the basic prototype at this address: