Facebook – am I the only one who struggles?

It’s time to admit the ugly truth. I just don’t get Facebook. And with the rumour that Google Me is on the way to be the anti-Facebook, I’m finally feeling brave enough to say it!

I’ve been a Facebook user for some time now, maybe a year or two. In that time I’ve collected connections with a fair few friends, my children, and even some of their friends. I’ve managed to update my profile and upload photos, I’ve commented on other people’s photos, and I’ve sent messages back and forth.

All of which makes me sound like a regular user of Facebook, right? Except, I’ve also managed to send one personal message to a wider audience by mistake, leave personal notes on a wall when I didn’t mean to, and lose comments I’d made and be unable to find them.

I’ve had requests to take part in surveys, that I’ve abandoned due to applications wanting to install and requests to invite all of my friends to take part too. I appear to be following one person (a recruiter) who posts regular (and painful) updates on everything except their bowel movements – and can’t for the life of me figure out how to stop receiving them.

I think for the most part it’s a visual thing. Looking at the Facebook interface I see options everywhere, and order just doesn’t seem to fall out of that chaos – at least for me.

I’m very interested in what Google might be up to with Google Me. Wave was more of a ripple, and Buzz little more than a whisper. Maybe Google Me will roar…