A SIC website?

I’ve recently had the dubious honour of using the ASIC website to purchase a business name.

Now, before I say anything negative, let me be clear and say that I’ve worked on numerous Government websites in the past, and Ido understand some of the issues they have to face – to name just a few:

  • Tremendous amounts of data that need to be available
  • Massively complex tasks that need supporting
  • Numerous and disparate user profiles
  • Legal restrictions around process/assistance and usage
  • Internal organisational resistance to change

The list goes on and on, I’m just making it clear that I understand the limitations.

That said, using the ASIC website was something akin to spending a week with mittens superglued to your hands; you know it’s going to be frustrating, you know things are going to be slow and painful, but nothing can quite prepare you for the world of frustration you’ve just stumbled in to.

I won’t document the hoops I jumped through, but time and time again I ended up at the same point – seeing that the business name was available, but having absolutely no clue how to purchase it from here! Like a dog watching a cat on TV I uselessly pawed and clicked on things that were never going to work, whilst what I wanted (This name is available!’) paraded in front of me with nary a button or link to make it mine.

Trap doors left and right launched me to new websites or opened massively complex help documentation that confused and confounded and invariably led me – eventually – back to where I started.

I did get there in the end, although to be honest I really am not quite sure how.

So, it’s over to you – has anyone else had a similar experience? ASIC, if you’re listening, I’d love to help…!