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Sometimes we like to ask our customers how we're doing. We've been lucky that some customers are able to tell us, for public consumption.

“I first met with Gary in January 2017 to discuss an idea for an app I had. Gary took the time from his very busy schedule to meet with me over a coffee to discuss my concept. Being new to not only the tech world but also the startup world, Gary gave me some great honest advice and offered to mentor me during the process if I decided to move forward. I left my meeting with Gary feeling empowered and motivated to bring my vision to life. Gary guided me through each stage of the UX design encouraging and teaching me how to validate my concept. Gary and Hannah then assisted me when it was time to create a prototype of my app.

I worked with Gary and The Fore for a period of 6 months and in this time found them to be a very professional, friendly, talented and easy going team. I honestly believe it was this initial connection with Gary that gave me the skills and confidence I needed in myself to get my business concept off the ground and to a great start! Thank you Gary and The Fore team for your continued support and belief in me and my business.”
Maree Becker, Owner & Entrepeneur, Life Our Way

“It was a pleasure working with the Fore, particularly Gary. The Fore are extremely professional and guided us through the process to ensure that together we could achieve our goal of gathering actionable insights, feedback and recommendations from our target market. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again should the need arise and would gladly recommend them.”
Sarah Branson, Brand Manager, MNF Group

“I found The Fore really easy to work with and reliable. They helped us navigate the unknown territory of UX testing guiding us all the way and making the process seamless.”
Lauren Coetzee, Marketing & Communications Manager, St Catherine’s School Waverley

"We were very happy with work carried out by Gary from the Fore on our calculator projects. Gary ran workshops effectively and produced wireframes that met our objectives and satisfied our many stakeholders to very tight deadlines. Revisions were completed quickly and our projects got off to a great start. Gary was always happy to take feedback and provide a number of alternative approaches for discussion."
Rebecca Payne, Senior Manager, Online, Challenger Financial

"Gary provided immense value to the QBE website project. Not only did he manage a comprehensive requirements process across a diverse group of stakeholders, he and his team delivered an information architecture that reflected the way that our external stakeholders saw our services and products. In addition the pre-production testing of the key templates gave us a great deal of comfort that the new site would be intuitive and easy to use."
Gary Boyd, Web Strategy Manager, QBE Australia

"The usability study was a thorough and detailed report, looking at every aspect of the customer experience on the website from Login / registration through to the checkout stage. The report has assisted in identifying key areas of site design and focusing enhancements towards those of most relevance and assistance to our customers."
Paul Burns, Purchasing Manager, Woolworths

"Gary is both an expert in the field of usability/UCD and an excellent communicator which allows him to work effectively with both technical and non technical stakeholders on any projects he is involved in. His interpersonal skills are also a bonus which makes him a pleasure to work with. The value Gary adds to the projects I have commissioned with him always ensures a valuable return for the investment I have made."
Diane Lews,  Research & User Experience Director, Reed Business Information

"We were very happy with work carried out by Gary from the Fore on our calculator projects. Gary ran workshops effectively and produced wireframes that met our objectives and satisfied our many stakeholders to very tight deadlines. Revisions were completed quickly and our projects got off to a great start. Gary was always happy to take feedback and provide a number of alternative approaches for discussion."
Rebecca Payne, Senior Manager, Online, Challenger Financial

"Gary is everything you would want out of a Usability expert, bringing the perfect balance of passion for UCD and commercial reality to the table - both internally championing Usability across the business, and externally across a range of challenging, large scale, high-profile client projects. Gary's strong people management skills provided his team the direction, support and motivation they needed to grow as individuals and continue to produce high-quality work whilst building loyalty and a sense of ownership in parallel. This professionalism is only matched by his patience and wit making Gary a critical part of any business that is serious about growing the Usability/UCD side of their practice. I truly look forward to the chance to work with Gary again in the future."
Norbert Hermann, GM, Areeba

"Gary worked on the redesign and redevelopment of our Website. He was committed to ensuring the process included customer insight and post-implementation analysis to ensure the site delivered on usability, within the timeframes and budget of the project.
Meredith Roach, Marketing Communications, AVJennings

"With a very loyal customer base, getting the web right is critical to ensure continued customer service and helping customers migrate from book to web. The usability undertaken by Gary and his team confirmed our overall development strategy and assisted us in identifying modifications needed prior to re-launch."
Maureen Mile, Product Development Director, Bankers Almanac

"Gary Bunker of The Fore is in my experience one of the best Usability Experts in Australia. His methodology is clear, concise and formulated to get the best results for our clients. Gary comes highly recommended and has worked on a number of client accounts."
Finoa Bendall, CEO,Bendalls

"The job you did for us was excellent and is already bearing fruit. Most notably, the number of people who misunderstood our site or had difficulty with the software has decreased hugely. This is most evident in the Features page where you explained extensive functionality of the software in layman's language - excellent work, thanks!"
Sergie Veinberg, Director, BizTech Software

"Engaged to conduct user experience research, The Fore worked with us to understand our needs and made the process from initial brief to recommendations very easy. Their approach was well structured and they  communicated with us at every step along the way. Gary Bunker knows what he’s talking about and delivered a service on par with anybody else in the game in a most cost-effective way."
Peita Vincent, Manager, Communications, Charles Sturt University

"Gary is one of Australia's leading Usability experts. The thoroughness with which he delivers this expertise alongside his evident passion for making everything user friendly meant that I was able to sell Gary's services easily and that satisfaction of the clients with those services was always exceptionally high. Additionally Gary's enormous experience and personable manner helped me to sell usability services to a wide range of organisations looking for easy to use software interfaces and websites. I would certainly enjoy working with Gary in any opportunity."
Kevin Oliver, Sales Manager, Elcomm Technology

"I have worked with Gary and his team on a number of projects over the last 7 years, and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a usability consultant to partner with. He has always provided us with consistently high quality results."
Helen Simpson, Asia Pacific Consumer Insights Manager, Electrolux

"We engaged Gary and his team in a usability analysis exercise that was carried out professionally. The research and resulting recommendations helped drive a series of user experience enhancements that more than paid for the cost of the exercise. A valuable job done well by a recognised expert."
Larry Campbell, CEO, HSBC

"I worked with Gary for over a year, working with him to sell and deliver usability services to numerous Hyro clients. Wherever we engaged with his usability team we found that we won a higher percentage of work and delivered a higher level of success and client satisfaction. Gary showed an excellent understanding of how usability helps to sell and deliver within projects, and helped us engage at the highest of levels. I would happily work with Gary again in the future."
Glen Bernadino, Sales Director, Hyro

"They have a unique and purposeful methodology that applies to delivering useful and effective outcomes that increase online engagement and throughput, and reduce user frustration. I would strongly recommend that anyone looking to improve online results speak to Gary."
Adam Bateson, Business Development Manager, IBM

"Usability testing without the pain."
Alan Hopcraft, e-Learning consultant, Improvement & Development Agency

"Gary is an agile thinker and a great resource on interface design projects that combine his detailed understanding of UX methodologies with specific and unique requirements. For example, where there is a strategic requirement for creating an 'experience' that is not just effective as a utility, but resonant as a brand experience, Gary can contribute original thinking in regards to measurement and optimisation that go beyond the bounds of normal UX consultancy, into the creative experience itself."
Nick Renford, Creative Direcor, Isobar Australia

"Usability testing before launch allowed us to make sure our new site was fast, friendly and easy to use. You helped ensure that customers can quickly find the products they want and purchase them easily, helping the new John Lewis site maintain the high quality that customers expect from John Lewis."
John Phipps, VP Commercial, John Lewis

"The redesign of our Help Centre allowed us to grow our customer base by 50% whilst experiencing only a 10% growth in customer queries. Quite literally, customers are helping themselves to resolve problems on our site which means a quicker resolution for them and dramatically reduced support costs for our company."
Craig Sullivan, Product Manager, LoveFilm

"I learnt a huge amount from Gary Bunker during our work together on usability projects. What I concluded from his insight, skills and practical application of usability knowledge is that there are few people to touch his level of experience. I'm now applying a lot of the lessons that I learned from him, but couldn't hope to come close to the value he provided to my company. If you are thinking about involving him in a usability project, please bear some things in mind: (1) Gary has a wealth of knowledge of physical products (devices, interfaces), internet sites (e-commerce, content, web 2.0) and processes (funnels, conversion points, calls to action). (2) He is able to spot more usability problems through his 'expert evaluations' of websites than anyone I know. Although he is an advocate of user testing, his insight is spot on in terms of predicting most of what will happen during testing. (3) His professional, insightful and 'teaching' approach to these projects means that not only do you get results, but you know why it worked that way and what to avoid in future (4) Evaluating websites, promoting a 'user centred' design approach, testing real people with products, producing wireframes, process flows and IA materials - all of these have exceeded my expectations time and time again. (5) Value for money - I've found many usability practitioners that were costly, didn't share their knowledge and kept their methodologies under wraps. Gary is none of these - open, accountable and above all, willing to transfer his knowledge to others. If you are conducting an evaluation or need help in promoting 'user focus' on your site or with a product, he is someone I'd recommend without hesitation."
Craig Sullivan, Product Manager, LoveFilm

"Your services were extremely useful. The process was quick and efficient with valuable results that we can use. All involved in the process agreed they found the findings very useful and informative. Thank you again for a job well done."
Stella Koutsikos, Online Channel Manager, ME Bank

"A most useful piece of work in stretching our appreciation of the use of our new web-site from the customers' perspective..."
Alan Barlow, Chairman, Nedalo Group


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