Strategy and process

We've found that many UX agencies simply fix what you ask them to fix. But that's never the right approach; if you're driving a van and you're in an F1 race, fixing the door just isn't going to work.

Business Process Mapping

It's not until you understand how the business works and how your digital ecology supports it that you know what needs to change. Understanding how the business integrates with digital platforms is a key first step.

We help you to map out the engagement points and flows between your business and your digital platforms, and to understand the impacts (positive and negative) and requirements involved.

This is an important first step for any digital transformation or improvement project.

UX Strategy

Whilst tactical engagements are fine, defining and measuring a strategic long-term approach is key to success in most cases.

We help you to define a UX strategy that is right for your business, your sector and your competitive arena. That strategy incorporates:

  • Business strategic goals and needs, where they impact on or rely on digital engagement
  • Pathways to success (including SWAT and other analysis)
  • Digital activities, mapped over time - including software and hardware requirements and models


Every customer is different, and every UX strategy is different. Contact us to find out more.