Regional research throughout Australia

Do all of your customers live in the city? Probably not.

The Fore is based in Wollongong, in the Illawarra region of NSW. Whilst we work with Sydney-based companies all the time and regularly user test throughout Sydney, as a company we have a strong focus on Customer Experience and User Experience for everyone. That means running research throughout regional areas.

We charge a simple flat rate for regional locations. Since regional facility costs are far lower than city facilities this often works out very cost effectively.

Where we research

We have recruiters who have databases of participants throughout regional NSW, the ACT, Victoria and other states. We regularly research customers in the Illawarra, Nowra, Dubbo, Bathurst, NewCastle and in closer suburbs surrounding the cities.

We can recruit participants in regional centres, but also in smaller towns and surrounding rural areas.

Since we're already regional we're happy to run research where your customers are. We travel to them and take our lab with us.

We also run research throughout Queensland and Tasmania when required.

Who we research

That depends on who you need, but we ensure the people we recruit and research are the people you're looking for. We create profiles of your audience and create screener questionnaires that match the right people to the project. That can be consumers, small business, farmers, tradies, patients or Doctors.

How we research

We take recording equipment with us and book regional locations that work for the audience. That can mean local hotels or businesses, halls or even homes. That captures video and/or audio, with no loss of data or quality.

Since we use our FlexUX platform to record findings, that means your team can view findings instantly, no matter how far we are from your team. Recordings are placed online after sessions are complete. You can see all findings, questions and responses instantly.


Want us to cost and run regional customer research? Just contact us.