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The cost of changing software once it's launched can be up to 200 times the cost of making changes at the start of the process. That's the reasons prototypes exist.

Where it can take weeks or months to build and then test functionality in real environments, prototypes can be created in hours, sometimes even minutes - the savings are astronomical.

We use various prototyping tools to generate versions of the design early the process, for analysis and testing. This allows you to:

  • See what works now, rather than weeks or months into the project
  • Show your team the final solution, before it's been built
  • Test the design internally, to ensure it delivers on business goals and expectations
  • Test the design externally with users / partners / suppliers / customers / prospects
  • See into the future, and ensure your design will work, before you even begin to code it

Our prototypes are placed online in a secure environment so you can see them and play with them as soon as they begin to come together. This means you don't need to wait days until you see a design before commenting, your team work with us all the way through.

Want to see an example of our prototyping tool? Contact us.

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