Work with us

We do not currently have a fixed role for a UX consultant but we're always looking for the next team member to join our team. We are based in central Wollongong in a great office with plenty of coffee shops nearby - the most important factor, we know. If you are keen to work with us, and to enjoy the lifestyle of the Gong whilst working on top global projects, then you'll need:

  • Good experience in the UX field - though we're open to those who are shifting sideways from related fields
  • Strong experience in the design arena, preferably wireframing, software, web, apps, games or a combination of those
  • Strong experience in Axure, our primary design tool
  • Confidence in dealing with clients and projects
  • An ability to work with others well, and to work to timeframes
  • A willingness to work with an ethical and friendly business, where happy clients come before profit and greed

If that's you then contact us - we'd love to chat.