Our results

Due to Commercial-in-Confidence issues we often don’t get to see the final figures – and we often can’t promote them when we do – but here are a few:

  • Waitrosedeliver
    • Browse to buy ratio went up from 8% to 14% (75% increase)
    • Failed search results per week fell by 88%
    • Average basket size increased by 10%
    • Ratio of customer support calls to visits fell halved
    • Improvements translated to an increased bottom line of £6 million annually
    • Usability spend accounted for just 2.5% of development
    • Provided a 300 to 1 ROI
  • Caterer.com
    • Job applications improved 35% overnight, from minor optimisation of a single design page
  • LoveFilm.com
    • Minor changes to 'trust' messages improved conversion 20% almost overnight
    • Re-writing of help centre content improved customer satisfaction 50%. It also allowed LoveFilm to double it's user-base whilst only seeing a 10% increase in support calls
    • Our redesign of a key partnership site's sign-up process reduced dropout rates from 50% to just 13%, meaning an extra 370 sign-ups per thousand
  • JohnLewis.com
    • Volume conversion rates increased 100% after testing and improving the design to our recommendations
  • Novatech.co.uk
    • revenues jumped 40% after our recommendations on site design, with no increases in marketing spend

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