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We have a flexible and pragmatic approach to user research and testing; that means every project can be different to the one that went before. However all of our projects have our four core principles embedded within them:

  1. Flexible - we don't stick to fixed methodologies or sets of research: we tailor the delivery to your need.
  2. Approachable - we don't set up barriers and alienate, we work closely with your team to integrate and assist.
  3. Cost-effective - we don't charge high rates and we don't charge for work that's not essential; we help you stretch your budget.
  4. Realistic - we don't set unrealistic goals or expectations, we don't promise the moon; we promise a great outcome and we make sure we deliver it.

Our approach to each project is to find the convergence point between the user need, the business need and the technology platform being used. We identify that segment and help you to design solutions that fit within it.

There are a number of methodologies for good UX application to a project and we engage with them as you require - but we believe that the right outcome depends on your project, your need, your budget and the timeframe. Therefore we don't bring a fixed methodology to the table.

We can work with agile and lean UX approaches as easily as we can engage with standard waterfall developments. We can work with large local teams requiring project management and a flexible work schedule, as easily as we can work with remote teams and overseas development teams.

We can easily configure our process to fit your project - just contact us.

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