Mobile - apps, sites, software

We have a wide range of experience implementing designs across mobile platforms, and on mobile devices of all kinds. That includes both Responsive and separate design approaches.

In fact most of our projects now include mobile testing as an essential component, often the leading design platform. We can prototype a single design into testing for iPhone, Android phone, App-based model, tablets (7 inch, 10 inch or specific) as well as for web.

Our process includes prototyping at an early stage in both designs, so that you can see exactly how the final product will look on all forms. This also means that we can extensively user test across mobile, tablet and desktop even before a single line of code has been written.

For more information on our approach to mobile and to see some examples of our work, please contact us.

Devices - small to large

If you've ever gotten frustrated trying to figure out how to use a device - mobile phone, DVD player, Microwave or even a kids toy - you know how important usability is to every product sold.

We have extensive experience user testing and improving the experience on devices of all kinds. We have usability tested washing machines, ovens, fridges, radars, sonars, remote controls, televisions, handheld devices, mobile phones, PDA's, eBooks, laptops and networking equipment. We have prototyped and redesigned interfaces for white goods and ship equipment, to enable fast testing of the product to take place.

We have helped customers from Qantas to Electrolux to improve product usability, and luckily for us all it's an easy and cost-effective process to implement.

For more information on our approach to user experience within products and devices and to see some examples of our work, please contact us.

Web - sites, software, systems

Our process works particularly well for web-based testing.

That includes websites, intranets, web-based services, micro-sites, embedded functions and functional elements of all kinds (down to brower plugins).

We have worked with hundreds of websites, from current e-commerce and financial giants down to startups and one-page microsites. We've engaged with teams going right back to the dawn of the Internet, and have a process that can engage flexibly to any degree you need.

That means if you need us to create an entire website from scratch, no matter how complex, we can help. It also means if you just need us to tweak a single page or content object, we can do that too.

We help our clients with website refresh projects, with evolutionary redesigns and with entire 'start again' rebuilds.

For more information on our approach to user experience within web and software projects and to see some examples of our work, please contact us.