Research should be simple

We remove barriers between you and your customers

We are a Research and Design company who focus on user experience, customer experience and service design. We help you to identify and remove the barriers between you and your customers, employees and partners. And we’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

We have a strong focus on our passion projects - that save our planet along with the people and the animals that fill it (especially those who need it most). We won’t work with industries we believe work against that. We’re passionate about health care, mental health, aged care, disability and safety, and love our projects in these spaces.

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Image, astronaut floating in space

Image, astronaut floating in space

Design is simple, with the right insight

Once you know what customers think it’s easy to design winning experiences - as long as you have a clear design methodology and the right tools.

We help you get there, however your team works. Design to win, not confuse.

Image, man struggling with instructions

Image, man struggling with instructions

ResearchOps - own it

We believe you should own your insights, research and outcomes. That’s why we built FlexUX, a ResearchOps Management System (RMS) for our customers.

FlexUX provides you with instant access to your results - not only immediately after our research, but even during the research. You can watch findings and responses building up as we run each session, and see your results live.

Everything we put in there is available to you forever, you own it, share it, keep it. Keep your insights handy. FlexUX is free when you work with us.

Insight is the new oxygen

If you don’t know what people think you have no hope of improving your interactions.

You need insights to design and thrive. And you need data to get those insights. And for that you need research.

That’s why we focus so heavily on customer research. Users and customers are an essential component in UX and CX - but how often do you see design processes proceed without their input? Research is key.

Image, young girl looking at complex equations

Image, young girl looking at complex equations

Test a few - or test everyone. It’s a simple choice.

User testing is simple, fast and an efficient way to find and remove customer barriers. You’re always user testing - you’re either doing it on a few, or doing it with every single customer. Small scale is our preferred approach, you learn and improve faster with less negative impact. User testing is simple.

Logo for FlexUX

Logo for FlexUX

It was a pleasure working with the Fore, they are extremely professional and guided us through the process to ensure we gathered actionable insights and recommendations from our target market. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again and gladly recommend them.
— Sarah Branson, Brand Manager, MNF Group
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