Fast. Insightful. Validated. User test results in 24 hours.

Moderated user testing is essential in today's market. And so is fast insight. We have a system that gives you all you need to know within 24 hours of the last session - and key insights almost instantly.

Once upon a time you could just be in business. Now if you don't offer a good customer experience, you're history. And when you need to improve your customer experience, how long can you afford to wait? Our experience is that every project needs the results yesterday, or sooner. That's why we developed FlexUX.

Fast user testing results

Most moderated user testing takes anywhere from one to three days to analyse and report on. That's because most people use spreadsheets, documents, pen and paper or even post-it notes to record testing insights and findings. Once testing is completed it takes days to sift through that and come up with your full report. 

Our customers couldn't afford to wait that long, so we developed a software platform to allow us to report back faster. With FlexUX you can see the results as we build them, during tests. At the end of each day you can see a clear list of all findings, cross referenced to each session. You can see every question we've asked and all the responses given. You can see how long the tasks took, which type of issues you are facing, and which are of the highest concern. You can also see what people are loving and what's working well. 

Nothing is faster than instant.

Insightful user testing results

User testing creates thousands of data points. In a typical user test you have 10-12 hours of people talking and interacting with an interface, captured across multiple channels and devices and in video, audio and notated formats. So it's necessary to filter that down to key findings, initially.

However that's often a failure point; you receive a PowerPoint file with a simple list of things to change, and without spending two days reviewing videos you're stuck if you want more depth. That's why we provide you with a dashboard inside FlexUX, to view all the key data. Whilst you can go straight to the key issues and filter and search through them (along with their descriptions, solutions and categories), you can also:

  • View every question in every script, and see all responses provided (time and user tagged)

  • View every task in every script, and see overall success rates and times taken

  • View every tagged activity you wanted to track (time and user tagged)

  • See standard ratings for System Usability Scale and Net Promoter Score built in and building over time

The more data you build into your script, the more data points are available to review. 

That doesn't mean we don't add additional insights into your report - FlexUX does that too. You can keep that report inside the dashboard and review it any time you need to - no more losing the report and never finding it again.

Validated user testing results

How do you know what's important? Have you ever sat through a user test presentation to be told something needs to change, and wondered how important that change really is? Have you ever asked "but how many users said that?"

It's important to have full validation on the scale and severity of the issues you find. If you test 12 people and only one person stumbles, it might not be too concerning - but if four or five stumble, you need to act today. 

That's why FlexUX tracks and reports on how many people encounter each issue, with a live list that builds up from session to session. You can see the scale of the issues change, live. It's also important to be able to trace those references back. So we track the exact moment the reference is added, allowing you to move through the session videos and find the exact moment the problem occurs. 

Don't change your design because one person said they didn't like it - keep what works and only change what doesn't. 


FlexUX is free to our customers. Contact us to find out more.