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One of our fastest and most effective research methods, an expert review is an excellent state-of-play analysis for any current design, regardless of the digital channel or platform. This kind of research can help you to understand what's working, where the design is failing, and where the opportunities for improvement are. It can stretch to include numerous elements or simply cover a basic checklist - the choice is yours.

An expert review involves one of our user experience experts reviewing the site against known Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) rule sets and issues, to quickly identify where the design and functionality problems may lie. Results can be presented back to your team quickly (and remotely if preferable) - which means that quick win solutions can be implemented within days of project kick-off, delivering fast and measurable results.

We offer standard and advanced reviews and both are flexible and can be modified as needed - however they cover the following elements by default:

Standard expert review

This is our starting point for checking on the user experience design usability:

  • Review of usability : core checklist of basic design rules. This ensures the design is usable, functional and clean

  • Review of usability : mobile channel Scorecarding and rating of the channel, step by step

  • Recommendations on improvements within the design

  • Solutions to identified issues

Advanced expert review

The advanced review is designed to add depth to the review process, for core digital channels and processes such as acquisition and retention. This adds the following elements to the research:

  • Analysis of metrics available (such as Optimisation and analytics reports)

  • Heat map tracking (if code can be embedded for tracking of the process) to show click/scroll/view behaviour. Review of tracked data, if this is already available.

  • SEO review of the architecture

  • SEM review of process

  • Recommendations for Multi-Variate testing (MVT) (if required)

What's included really depends on what you need - just ask us.

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