Qantas & Amadeus - airport check-in software

In 2010 we were contacted by Amadeus (, working in partnership with Qantas ( to assist with the development of their next-generation airport management software.

This was an exciting project for us, and one that would run over the next two years. It involved taking an existing quadrant-based expert system, with thousands of users highly trained and very engaged with the existing usage, and trying to replace it with a visual and quite different design.

The scope of the project was quite wide and included:

  • Check-in management
  • Baggage handling
  • Ticketing and booking
  • Load management
  • Gate control
  • Various support servic es

In conjunction with FinnAir, Qantas and Amadeus brought us into the project initially to provide extensive user testing services.

We usability tested dozens of airport professionals at Sydney airport, over several stages of the project. This allowed us to assist the project team improving the design further, and in overcoming various technical and design limitations.

An example image from the JFE system we helped to test and improve

Our services were extended to assist in workshops and design sessions, and then later to providing expert reviews and design guidance. Since that project we have worked with Amadeus and Qantas on expert reviews and workshops, including reviews of the Internet check-in process.

The outcomes

This software has now been live since 2013, and our understanding is that it is performing well. Training times have reduced drastically, flexibility in the system has improved immensely and performance overall has increased. This was a highly successful outcome, given the project risks.

Gary BunkerComment