We were initially contacted by iVenturecard in 2016 to help expert review their site.

After that point we were asked to help in designing their new app, from scratch. This involved:

  1. Initial app concept
  2. Wireframes and documentation
  3. Creative design and design assets
  4. Multiple rounds of redesign and finalisation

The app is now live in the marketplace.

We have also helped iVenturecard to redesign key pages in their site to help with conversion. These changes are currently being developed and are not yet live.

Scotts Australia

We were asked by the good folk at TippingPoint to help with their project, working for Scotts Australia. Scotts wanted to make their website easy to use, effective at finding products and a pleasant experience for all on both mobile and larger screens.

We helped them by providing:

  1. Information Architecture
  2. Concept prototype
  3. Wireframes and handover materials

The project was a success and the new design works extremely well. 

The site is now live, at www.scottsaustralia.com.au.


We helped Uniting NSW to research and rebuild their site.

Previously Uniting had multiple websites with duplication and a relatively mixed user and customer experience. There was confusion across the brand as well as within the organisation, and there was a strong drive to deliver an improved experience. We provided:

  1. Expert assistance identifying requirements through workshops and interviews with a range of customers and stakeholders.
  2. Concept designs and interactive prototypes to model the potential design, Information Architecture and content.
  3. User testing of the concept design.
  4. Recommendations on changes to the direction and final design.

The site is now live and is working well.

Lake Macquarie City Council

We helped Lake Macquarie City Council to research and improve their site.

                                                  The previous council website

Previously the site had grown into a complex design that presented issues both for the council and the residents. We provided:

  1. Expert assistance with card sorting to identify the ideal Information Architecture.
  2. User testing of the concept design.
  3. Recommendations on changes to the direction and final design.

The site is now live and is working well.

What they said

"Lake Macquarie City Council engaged The Fore to deliver card sorting and to provide prototype user testing on thelakemac.com.au redesign project.

The prototype user testing was invaluable. It identified significant user frustration with the initial design of the Home page. These eye-opening results afforded us the opportunity to redevelop the Home page and create a focused layout that meets the core needs of our audience. Drawing on years of UX knowledge, The Fore successfully communicated user testing results to non-technical internal stakeholders.

The lakemac.com.au redesign has significantly benefitted from The Fore’s involvement and I look forward to collaborating with them again in the future."

Paul Hempsall | Web Systems Administrator | Lake Macquarie City Council


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

We're proud to announce that the Fore, working in conjunction with Blue Road, has been appointed by the NDIS (www.ndis.gov.au) to research and then design the new NDIS portal for services and service providers.

We're passionate about accessibility of services and products and our previous work in this sector introduced us to some amazing people, both as consumers and providers of various levels of service. We're really looking forward to helping to get this project under way!

Stay tuned for updates!

01 July 2015: UPDATE: The NDIS has opened it's first shopfront store, in Penrith. The shop is aiming to support 2000 children and young people, ahead of the main rollout. Read more about the shopfront opening.