We help you to build better apps and to improve apps that already exist.

We help you with:


At the start of a design or redesign project one of the most important steps is to get the requirements right. Whilst it is often relatively simple to pin down the organisational or business requirements, user requirements can be far harder. Nowhere is this more true than with apps, which can quickly disappear into the ocean of other apps and never be seen again. We help you by providing:

  • Innovation workshops (to ensure the vision and the gold nuggets get identified early)
  • Field research, focus groups, ethno-sessions, interviews (to confirm or uncover user requirements)

Prototype - optionally, also as the specification

We create prototypes - it's a large part of what we do. We help you to see into the future and to mock up the design for your app weeks or months before it'll be built. The scope and scale of the prototype is entirely up to you - from a rough high level model down to a fully completed prototype of all the core elements. We can guide you based on budget and timeframe towards the best solution for you.

Optionally we can also produce the prototype as a specification - a documented and visual version of the app, to enable the build phase. This is particularly key when you're considering outsource or overseas app development teams. Having a visual and working model of what needs to be built, backed-up with documented content and behaviour rules, can greatly reduce delivery and quality issues.

User testing

User testing is similarly a huge component to what we deliver. Once your app is prototyped or built, we help you to test it to make sure it works. 

We can run any scale of testing from small one-day tests up to multi-day multi-location tests run nationally or even globally. Our AURA testing software helps us scale findings and research to any required level. 

We help you to make sure your app works - long before coding needs to begin (although it can also overlap, if time is tight). We're experts in placing product concepts and prototypes before the audience and measuring success and potential failure points.

Identifying improvements

We use user testing and expert reviews (including expert competitive reviews) to find the potential improvements in any design. Live apps, mockups or beta design models, it makes no difference - our tools help you to spot the opportunities to improve.

These can be quick-win steps that take very little time, and are often useful in agile projects. We help you to see what needs to change and what needs to stay - and then to design solutions to replace the wonky bits. 

Building and launching

Nowhere does quality and experience differ as much as in the app build world. We've seen great projects fail due to poor quality app design.

We work with several app design agencies with years of experience in the field. Although we can work with any resources required, we are able to outsource the app build and oversee the project end-to-end if required.


We can help at any stage of your app build project - just contact us to find out more.