Aged care user testing

We started the Fore with a passion for ensuring technology makes the lives of users better - not more complicated. It shouldn't alienate or leave behind older people.

One of our core areas of focus is the aged care sector and older Australians in general. We've worked with several aged care providers including Uniting (NSW and Victoria), Just Better Care and Catholic Care. We've worked with the Australian Government via Healthdirect Australia and the Health Department to research both older people and their families and carers.

We can't provide care to older people - but we can make their lives just a little better by making technology and services just a little easier to access. That's why this is a key focus for our company.

Where we test

We travel to the places where this research needs to take place. We research in major cities but also in regional and suburban centres.

We have recruiters who have databases of participants throughout regional NSW, the ACT, Victoria and other states. We regularly user test in the Illawarra, Nowra, Dubbo, Bathurst, NewCastle and in closer suburbs surrounding the cities.

We can run research within facilities and centres, but also in aged care homes and care centres and at people's homes where they are most comfortable. 

Who we test

We create profiles of your audience and create research screener questionnaires that match the best people to the right project. Technology is a huge enabler for older people and can help them far more today than it ever could before. We find the older people who are willing to use technology, whether that's your website or new apps or software.

How we test

We take a mobile lab with us and book regional or city locations that work for the audience. That can mean local hotels or businesses, halls or even homes. A mobile lab means we still capture the user, the phone and desktop and all the audio, with no loss of data or quality.

Since we use our FlexUX platform to record findings, that means your team can view findings instantly, no matter how far we are from your team. Recordings are placed online after sessions are complete. You can see all findings, questions and responses instantly.


Want us to cost and run an aged care user test? Just contact us.