The Fore: Customer Experience made simple

Welcome to the Fore. We have been providing Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) services since 1997 via our experts in the field. We love making the world easier to use - one step at a time. Want to know more? Call us or contact us today.

We make the world easier to use

Our job is to make things easier to use. That means people use them more. That means your business succeeds more, costs go down, usage goes up, success wins out

Through simple services

We offer simple ways to achieve that. Our services are low cost and fixed price.

  1. CX/UX Research - researching the needs of your customers, users, audience and market
  2. CX/UX Design - designing interfaces for your websites, apps, software, devices and products
  3. User Testing - testing those interfaces to make sure they work well 

For those who need it most

Whilst we do work with the corporate world, our passion is on making the world easier to use for those who need it most of all - people who are older, who need assistive technology, who have a disability or impairment, or who are trying to overcome language or cultural barriers. We work with aged care, disability care and health care providers around Australia, because that's our passion.

We're Wollongong-based, but work globally

We're local, but happy to work globally. We've worked with clients in many parts of the world and throughout Australia.

Our services work

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